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Neros Q, aka "The Edgelord Supreme", is some guy with an edgy grim reaper OC who made multiple angry 20-minute response videos to Pan Pizza's Powerpuff Girls videos, each ending with Pan being chopped up with a scythe by his Reaper OC. Surprisingly, Neros actually agreed to appear on Episode 53 of the Pizza Party Podcast.

He has also made videos critiquing PieGuyRulez, Anime America, and some metalhead. Currently, he is on hiatus for personal reasons.

Neros states that he has a "code of ethnics" and doesn't swear, so he instead censors regular words in his videos to create the illusion of swearing. His videos also contain a cinemasins-style "Sins Counter™", even though there was never any indication that he was counting up sins in the first place. Anyone who gains 13 or more sins is "killed" due to 666 being too much. Neros' only redeeming factor is his sexy OC Zeros.


  • He secretly has built a shrine to Jontron and Pan Pizza where he worships them both everyday.
  • There is an ongoing conspiracy stating that Neros is either Jim or Ken pretending to be Neros, who is actually a character created by Pan in an ingenious plan to gain more attention to himself and his videos and traffic more views.